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What you really wanted for Christmas

As a young child I often imagined being able to control devices around me with brain power. Turn lights on and off when I wanted, drive a toy car around in circles, make a robot talk with thought alone and try to make my sister do the dishes. All very practical things. Today, I still pretend to do all of this telepathically, except our "Controller" app and B-Point hardware do all the heavy lifting.

Controller is an app for iOS and android. Pick and place buttons, sensor readouts, switches, dials and sliders with a drag and drop intuitive interface. Creating your own control board without having to really create anything. Assign a purpose to the controls so they do exactly what you want them to.

Your interaction with the app is sent wirelessly to our B-point receivers. You can control GPIO, send I2C and SPI commands, read from an ADC or send wireless audio directly from your device. What you can connect to and control is limitless - making you the most ingenious telepathic inventor your mother has ever met.

Available soon:

Pre-orders: July 2014

Kickstarter: August 2014

Apple store: October 2014